Campaign Statement

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The Salvage and the Revival:
The group was formed during an intense fight-and-flight from Felix Station onboard the small freighter The Cutter with its captain Leo the Salvager.
The group of heroes decided to help Leo with a salvage job on Euria 7.
Here the group was able to find and bring back the old, rusty Basilisk freighter – not without a lot of skill and even more luck.
The interesting part of the salvage was an old, military-grade robot, Alfred 3020. However, after fending off mercenaries wanting the robot for themselves, once onboard The Cutter, the young Rayne could not calm his curiousity. Trying to pry open the military-grade robot in hopes of uncovering old, hidden secrets, Rayne set off a defense mechanism resulting in a fatal explosion. The young man was killed from the blow, leaving Ziri badly wounded.

But out of the blue came a life line. Leo received a transmission from an unknown benefactor, who supplied Catherine and Ziri with the means and information to help revive Rayne.
Bringing the destroyed robot and the lifeless Rayne to a Kesh cybersmith on Pel Tavaria, Catherine and Ziri could only wait.
After a few days, they returned to the cybersmith to find Rayne back to life – patched together with state-of-the-art cybernetics, but also a slightly changed personality. Brought back to life, but at what costs…?

Pel Tavaria Station

You find yourself at the Felix Station, a mid-size trade hub in the Almari-system of the Outer Sectors.
This is a place mainly controlled and run by one of megacorp Genifex’s subsidiary groups, the Anrax Group. They employ a combination of Genifex Security Guards and Alphalite Synth units to uphold law and order.
However, being a mid-size station in an Outer Sector-system, Felix Station still houses a very active black market and numerous underground dealings.

You could be here for a number of reasons;
– On vacation in the colorful Entertainment District, which allows for almost any imaginable kind of leisure, including some more shady ones.
– Work-related business: trading or other kinds of dealings, lawful or not.
– Looking for work in a trade hub that has a lot to offer for just about any craft or profession.
– Anything else you could possibly imagine in an out-of-reach place like this.

Felix Station

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The campaign will introduce the players to the Esper Genesis-setting through a couple of official EG-sessions, after which the story will continue by the will of the GM and the paths chosen by the players.